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audio stage, episode three: angela conquet


Episode three. Jana Perkovic and I spoke to the amazing Angela Conquet, artistic director of Dance House, one of the most important contemporary dance institutions in Australia.

We absolutely loved recording this episode. Angela was a joy to talk with and it was wonderful to add dance to what has so far been a very theatre-centric conversation of performing arts history and documentation.

Dance, even more than theatre, is incredibly vulnerable to disappearing into history. It leaves less words in its wake. “Not only do we work with the most ephemeral of art forms, when it comes to dance,” says Angela, “but we work with people and if we do not take the chance to preserve something when it can be preserved, things are lost for ever.” Angela has come here from France and this made for a wonderful conversation of what makes Australian dance Australian dance.

“I think it’s the approach to space that really makes [dancers and choreographers] Australian. We have this joke in Europe: ‘Australian dancers are such space-eaters’. … With certain artists, I think it’s fascinating, you can tell from a mile away that they have an approach to space that’s completely different to what you see in Europe.” Angela Conquet

Discussed in this episode:

Russell Dumas, how much space Australian pedestrians take, reinventing hot water, RoseLee Goldberg not getting Australian dance, what it means to have or not have a revolution, Merce Cunningham,  the historical importance of being seen at Avignon, and much else.

New episodes will be released every 2 weeks, and we have made quite an effort to make them as accessible as possible, on a variety of platforms. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Listen to the episode on the website.

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